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New Home Commercial Gym Fitness Equipment High Intensity Fitness Equipment Club Rowing Machine

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Short Description:

   In low intensity training, rowing machine is one of the best ways to activate muscles and burn calories.

   It can let you experience the real feeling of rowing on water. There is no twitch or vibration like that of traditional rowers. The smooth roller design allows you to exercise comfortably and easily at the same time.

    Each rowing machine is made of high-quality materials, including selected American ash wood that can be supplemented. Our rowing machines have different models, which not only have excellent performance, but also look great

   Indoor fitness rowing machine is an aerobic fitness exercise that can help you exercise well

Now you can see the water rowers at the famous health club or GYM. Nowadays, it becomes very popular for personal use at home. 

*Frame made out of high quality wood

*English screen for tracking performance

*Built for comfort and easy storage

*Adjustable resistance device 

  • Item Name: Water rowing machine
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    Item Name Water rowing machine
    Material Wooden
    Operation Dimension 2150x550x490mm
    Installation Non-installation
    Gross weight 45KG
    Package size 2170*590*600mm
    The resistance level Adjustable resistance
    Suitable All ages
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    The essentials of using a water rower:

    1.Sitting posture, feet step on the pedal, legs to maintain a natural bending state, do not completely straighten, which can reduce the pressure on the knee, do not let the knee injury. Think about lifting your legs to the highest level when you do your legs.

    2.Do not bend the spine, be sure to keep the back straight, so that the spine will always maintain a natural state, once bent, it is easy to hurt the spine.

    3. Keep the body stable, the upper body can be slightly back, but if the back is too much, the body's weight will weaken a lot of weight, but the stimulation of the dorsal broad muscle will be greatly reduced.

    4. Feel the back force, the high pull power sense is the same, you can imagine it as a horizontal version of the high pull, hands are just two hooks, using the power of the shoulder blade to pull the hand to the abdomen.

    5. Summit contraction must be done, do not do the peak contraction action is going through the motions, the purpose of doing the action is to make the stimulation stronger, rather than to complete the few groups of numbers in your mind.

    Hardwood has been chosen as our most popular frame design due to its marvelous engineering properties; primary amongst these the ability of wood to absorb sound and vibration, enriching the Water Rower's quiet and smooth operation. Each rowing machine is coated with three passes of Danish Oil, providing a deep luster and warmth to your wood’s finish.

    LCD Display Instant Resistance :
    helps you monitor your exercise process with real-time figures about exercise time, distance, speed and calorie. The Water Rower use a specially formed paddle to cup the moving water, reduce slippage and produce an unrivaled simulation of the benefits of rowing.

    Adjustable Resistance patent design :
    adjustable resistance is perfect for cardio training ,you can adjust workout intensity to catch up with your own physical statement.

    Space-saving & Portable :
    can be put vertically at any corner in your home, giving you easy storage. Easy-transportation wheels help you move the machine easily .

    Effective Workout :
    Cardio training with water rower offers you sufficient exercise in limited time.
    A uniform stroke is essential to spreading the work more evenly over the muscle groups, working the muscle groups in proportion to their strength, optimizing exercise benefit while reducing risk of injury.

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    Water tank

    The water tank is made of hard polycarbonate material , and the interior is a there-leaf stainless steel paddle structure, which can transmit continuous resistance




    The electronic watch shows: time, distance, 500-meter split time, revolutions per minute, calories consumed per hour, interval training, and optional wireless heart rate receiving device.



    The height of the foot pedal and the foot strap can be adjusted to ensure the stepping  position of the fitness person and the comfortable rowing posture during the rowing exercise.




    Advanced and comfortable ergonomic seats, precision bearings and rollers ensure smooth sliding track and smooth movement.


    rowing machine exercises have less impact on the knees and joints so as to avoid sports injury.



    Blanking cutting

    Bending shrinkage rushed




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