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Mini trampoline

Short Description:

Our fitness trampoline provides low-impact exercise that appeals to every fitness level and age.
It offers fun, new, and invigorating exercise to help get you in shape and boost your energy.


*Made of durable bungee cords 
*Jumping PP-Mat which can withstand millions jump
*6 heavy duty legs, salt spray test for metal components


Standard of Raw Material For Trampoline —- US & EU :

1.Jump mat —- Ultraviolet Resistant Test

2.Metal parts —- Salt Spray Test For Metal Components

3.Rope and plastic components parts —- Ultraviolet Resistant Test

4.Textiles parts —- Ultraviolet Resistant Test

Product Detail

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Different types meet different needs , accept OEM design :

Mini Trampoline with Elastic cords for Adult Fitness :

The jumping mat is made of a heavy-duty polypropylene material to ensure sustained bouncing and coil spring for high elasticity .The padded handlebar is adjustable ranging from 35’’ to 46’’ high that fit user’s height. You can use the handlebar for easy grip to control bounce. The frame cover is also padded and spring free, providing a safer jump pad surface. This equipment allows you to perform a full range of exercises that result in increased bone and muscle density especially in losing weight. It also simultaneously defines your muscles as it elevates your heart rate.

Benifits of the trampoline :
1, Encourage the Outdoor Activity;

2, Easy On the Joints;
3, Improve Postural Balance;
4, Great for any ages;
5, Strength your Heart and Lungs;
6, Reduce Restlessness and Alleviate Stress, professionalTrampoline are made of 100%natural elastic no spring, and imported PP mesh, durable steel frame.

* Ribbon color: available in many colors, you pick up the color for large order;
* High elasticity, durable use, large jumping surface ;
* These trampolines are perfectly used in commercial gym clubs, jumping fitness schools, jumping classes, jumping clubs.etc. Due to the durable quality material, it brings much fun and safety for trainers.


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