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Mini fitness trampoline with collapsible safety pad

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New product upgrade:

1.Collapsible safety pad,make sports safer and more convenient with storage

2.Upgraded elastic rope , better elasticity and less noise

3.Thickened instructor, temperature does not slide

4.More greener and  environmental protection

5.Build up your body and have fun to lose weight

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Human nature is to yearn for flying
Trampoline carries the best memories of childhood
It is not only an recreational event
It is also a fitness activity
It meets the sports and entertainment needs of different age groups
It is a comprehensive sports project integrating sports, leisure and entertainment.
一.Benefits of trampoline sports for children's growth:
1, trampoline exercise increases height.Trampoline movement can enhance the function of the child's body organ system, make the child strong.At the same time, trampoline movement plays a mechanical stimulus to the bone.Therefore, can promote bone growth, so that the child's height will grow.
2, trampoline exercise exercises children's limbs and increase muscle strength.A series of conditioning training on the trampoline, so that children through these tactile stimulation and muscle training, to establish connections in the brain center, can make children's movement become sensitive, muscle become developed.
3, trampoline movement promotes nervous system development.A variety of pattern movements on the trampoline, can make the child from the unorderly action, gradually form and develop into a differentiated, purposeful, coordinated action, which is a good regulation of the nervous system.
二.The Benefits of Trampoline Exercise for Adults:
1.Trampoline is a very good aerobic exercise that promotes blood circulation and improves human immunity.
2.To prevent or reduce obesity, trampoline is a very good exercise that consumes calories. Data show that jumping for ten minutes is equivalent to the calories consumed by half an hour of jogging.
3.Can let us burn calories at the same time, will also make our physical and mental pleasure, reduce the heart pressure.
4.Promotes metabolism, and trampoline movement can promote the circulation of systemic blood, lymphatic fluids and various body fluids, thus achieving the prevention and mitigation of disease.


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